Garrett Finucane

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Sequential Circuits Pro One


Earlier this year I bought a J-Wire Sequential circuits pro one. It had a fraying power coord IMG_20151111_134655.jpg as well as a broken OSC B potentiometer shaft. IMG_20151203_185223.jpg. To fix the power cord I took a normal PC power cord and re soldered it to the power switch and transformer. For the potentiometer shaft I bought a SC Pro-600 potentiometer from pried it open and replaced the shaft of the existing potentiometer. In addition to both of those I used fader lube to get rid of crackling and stiff pots and switches. The only issue that remains is that the power coord is somewhat visible however it is a purely aesthetic issue. IMG_0675.JPG](

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Korg Poly 61 Repair

Early September I bought a Korg Poly 61M which no longer made sound off Craigslist.

After opening it up, I realized the battery had burst. Here’s how it looked after I snipped out the old Ni Cad battery.


So I disassembled it and neutralized the “acid” (its actually a base) with lemon juice. I then cleaned the circuit board with distilled water. After some surfing on the internet I bought a cr2032 battery holder from RadioShack and the accompanying battery. Then I soldered in the battery and replaced the r70 resistor with a diode. The diode’s positive end should face the positive terminal of the cr2032. Here’s the new battery installed. IMG_20150905_004225.jpg

After that I was still unable to get sound of it. I then realized that this was due to the patch memory being corrupted so I powered it up and reloaded the factory patches. Now some of the voices were functional. I realized that the connector...

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